Our Sup­pli­ers

We source locally pro­duced foods and arti­san prod­ucts to deliver to you across our restau­rant group. We wel­come any sug­ges­tions you might have or sam­ples from any pro­duc­ers in the Mun­ster region who may be read­ing. Please con­tact us at [email address — enable javascript to view]

*Sup­plier list cor­rect as of Sept 2021. We occa­sion­ally change our restau­rant group’s sup­pli­ers and review this list quarterly


This year our Restaurant Group has spent

with local food suppliers


Since 1 Jan 2021 and based on 2020’s average daily spend less 3 months allowance for covid-19 closures

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Cork and Local

The English Market in Cork
  •  fish icon - Ballycotton Seafood
    Bal­ly­cot­ton Seafood


    The English Market, Cork | website

  •  olives icon - The Olive Stall
    The Olive Stall

    Olives and Toons Bridge haloumi cheese

    The English Market, Cork | website

  •  bread icon - Hassetts Bakery
    Has­setts Bakery


    The English Market, Cork | website

  •  fish2 icon - K O'Connell
    K O’Connell

    Smoked salmon and fish

    The English Market, Cork | website

  •  ribs icon - Tom Durcan
    Tom Dur­can

    Pork and meats

    The English Market, Cork | website

  •  spices icon - Mr Bells
    Mr Bells


    The English Market, Cork | website

  •  chorizo icon - On the Pig’s Back
    On the Pig’s Back


    The English Market, Cork | website

  •  chicken icon - The Chicken Inn
    The Chicken Inn


    The English Market, Cork

Cork City, County and surrounding area
  •  blackpudding icon - Allshire Family
    Allshire Family

    Black pudding, breakfast sausages and aged beef

    Cork | website

  •  dessert icon - Baldwins Farmhouse Ice Cream
    Baldwins Farmhouse Ice Cream

    Waterford | website

  •  beer icon - Elbow Lane Brewery
    Elbow Lane Brewery

    Craft beer

    Cork | website

  •  honey icon - Hive Mind
    Hive Mind

    Organic Honey

    Cork | more info

    Market Lane Restaurant: Our suppliers

    Hive Mind

    Hive Mind allows indi­vid­u­als and com­pa­nies to make pos­i­tive eco­log­i­cal moves in pre­serv­ing honey bee pop­u­la­tions whilst gain­ing a bounty of organic honey in the process. Based in Myrtleville, our restau­rant group sources all of our honey from this initiative.

    Open Hive Mind website in a new window

  •  leaves icon - Churchfield Community Trust
    Churchfield Community Trust


    Cork | website

  •  vinegar icon - Mealagulla Orchard
    Mealagulla Orchard

    Cider Vinegar

    Cork | website

  •  eggs icon - Riverview Eggs
    Riverview Eggs


    Cork | website

  •  fish3 icon - The Fresh Fish Deli
    The Fresh Fish Deli

    Cork | website

  •  oysters icon - Rossmore Oysters
    Rossmore Oysters


    Cork | website

Other parts of Ireland

  •  duck icon - Skeaghanore West Cork Farm
    Skeaghanore West Cork Farm


    Cork | website

  •  sheep icon - Blasket Lamb
    Blasket Lamb


  •  bag-o-grain icon - Minch Malt
    Minch Malt

    Kildare | website

  •  coffee icon - Greenbean Coffee Roasters
    Greenbean Coffee Roasters


    Louth | website

  •  butter icon - Irish Gourmet Butter
    Irish Gourmet Butter

    Waterford | website