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Russell Beer expert

Russell Beer expert

Rus­sell is Head Brewer in Elbow Lane and has vast expe­ri­ence in brew­ing inter­na­tion­ally. Rus­sell trains col­leagues in all restau­rants firstly on the basics of beer and brew­ing and then on the prin­ci­ples of match­ing beers with food. Rus­sell brews at least twice per week every week in our nano-​brewery in Elbow Lane. We won’t sell our beer out­side our four restau­rants and all beers are brewed to the prin­ci­ples of the ancient Ger­man Purity Law or “Rein­heits­ge­bot”, using only four ingredients.

We’ve already enjoyed one Gold medal for our Arrow Weisse Beer and although we’re one of the tini­est brew­eries in Ire­land, Rus­sell and his team are ded­i­cated to pro­vid­ing gold stan­dard beers from each brew. We marry this with a strong train­ing ethos to make sure col­leagues can answer any ques­tions the guest may have.

Have a ques­tion about one of our beers? More info here www​.elbowlane​.ie

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Want to know more about Rein­heits­ge­bot? https://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​R​e​i​n​h​e​i​t​s​gebot