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Mamun Spice Expert

Mamun Spice Expert

Mamun has worked with us since 2008, is our head chef in Orso and our in-house spice expert. We wanted to bring new and bold flavours to guests when we opened Orso in 2012 and Mamun has been with us since our opening day fulfilling this mission. We buy from spices from small local suppliers & from The English Market, then spend time roasting & grinding them to enhance the flavours of each dish we cook, bringing the individuality of that dish to our customers table.

In an age where too many kitchens rely on pre-mixed spice flavourings from the cash and carry, to work with a person as skilled and intuitive in this area is a pleasure. Mamun will shortly start in-house Spice and Flavouring classes for colleagues to ensure the standards remain as high throughout our restaurant group as he has set them. Due to demand from our loyal customers, he has also produced an in-house range, sold at our counters. The spices sold here are integral to the many dishes created & cooked by Mamun on a daily basis, and their freshness guarantees excellent results in bringing the flavours home to your own dining tables.  Please check our counter to see if these are available on your next visit.

Have a question for Mamun about spices? [email address - enable javascript to view]  

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