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Ciarán Wine Expert

Ciarán Wine Expert

Cia­rán is based in Elbow Lane and is one of our res­i­dent wine experts and train­ers. In addi­tion to lead­ing the front of house team in Elbow Lane and hav­ing a Train the Trainer and WSET Wine qual­i­fi­ca­tion, Cia­ran brings a dif­fer­ent approach and per­spec­tive to the wine team. This team chooses our wines and trains our col­leagues to choose and rec­om­mend wines to guests that will com­ple­ment their meals.

By reg­u­larly chang­ing our wine list we keep on top of mar­ket trends and our wine offer­ing by the glass and pichet is grow­ing all the time, allow­ing our guests to sam­ple a vari­ety of our wines with ease.

Have a ques­tion for Cia­ran about wine or rec­om­mend a wine for our list? [email address - enable javascript to view]

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